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Gulliver's Travels [720p]

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Gulliver's Travels [720p]

Published December 22, 1939

Gulliver's Travels (1939) is a public domain cartoon. This is a 720p scene rip (gullivers.travels.1939.720p.bluray.x264-cinefile) of the Blu-Ray.



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Producer Fleischer Studios
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Cuddy Cartoons & Comics Company - favorite - March 10, 2012
Subject: Weird noises, Germany, and other hap- hap- happy stuff.
Did anybody notice a weird noise in between the DOA (Directors of Animation)and the Animator credits. it sounds like a computer glitch or something. anyway i found a more acceptable restoration on YouTube, unfortunatley it's in German, and believe me i tried to incorporate it into the original english version but to no avail the audio was out of sync. Since were on the subject, i think we should start a facebook page, to sign a petition to make Paramount, who reowns the rights to this and other Fleischer fare, to do a more accurate and correct restoration and not only put it on DVD but release it theatrically. I found it funny that the Fleischer's as a jewish family gave a print to a man with the last name Reich, Hitler, anyone, Mr. Reich who calls himself a Dr., should be ashamed of himself for this false advertising, and god forbid if he tries this with "Mr. Bug", Max is probably rolling over in his grave. I, as a Fleischer Fan, wish there would be a better restoration, but sadly, the days of Paramount giving a damn are over.
Max Fleischer
Reviewer: Dark Moon - - May 14, 2011
Subject: Multiple versions on IA

There is a very good print of Gulliver's Travels in the OAR (or closer to it) available here.

There are many items that have been uploaded to the IA more than once, with variations in print/encoding quality, encoding format, and so on. Access to them is only as far away as the IA search dialogue. Not only am I grateful to the people who go to the trouble to upload, I especially appreciate those who upload alternate versions to what is already here, so that I get to choose the one that works best in my situation.

By the way, Robbie, I can take your word for it that the film was cropped for this disk to fit the new aspect ratio—you don't need to post four other reviews to belabor your point.
Reviewer: Corman Movies Rock - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 14, 2011
Subject: Too funny Weldman7
I too have noticed that Skybandit thinks she rules the roost around here. I am glad someone has decided to take her to task!
I really love this old version of Gulliver the songs are a bit cheesy but the animation from Fletcher studios is a favorite of mine from Superman to popeye to this. Many thanks to the uploader.
Reviewer: weldman7 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 17, 2011
Subject: Nice
Folks regardless of the ratio the improved sound is worth it compared to my $1 DVD. Enjoy it fast though before Skybandit finds out it's here. She will cry and cry that its not PD even though she can't prove it until the folks at the Archive take it down just so they don't have to listen to her!
Reviewer: archives'sgreat - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 12, 2011
Subject: awesome and fun to see again !
Love this PD site and this Gulliver was lottsa fun to watch again thanks to the poster of this and btw: looked fine sent to my TV screen,very enjoyable-:)
Reviewer: splue - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 7, 2011
Subject: thanks
THANK YOU! To me, it looks & sounds great! Much appreciated!!
Reviewer: Vic Demise - favoritefavorite - January 19, 2011
Subject: Shut up and watch the movie!!
I can't believe some people spend more time bitching about the print, or the aspect ratio, or...WHO CARES? If it's unwatchable (for you) then don't watch it!
Two stars, cause I never liked this flick.
Reviewer: HandsomeDevil7777 - - January 7, 2011
Subject: Words from uploader
I'm the uploader of this controversial piece of material. As much as I would prefer to have a high definition OAR transfer of the original that is not the case. I might even prefer to watch a low resolution OAR version of the film. To me, since there is not a solution yet, BOTH versions of the film are necessary to preserve.

Thank you for your critique and raising awareness over aspect ratio. Maybe one day or another organization will fund high definition transfers of film to avoid this situation.
Reviewer: rabid47 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 7, 2011
Subject: SOME people appreciate the upload.
It looks like annoyance over the technical aspects obscured some peoples reason to show some gratitude.

Good quality picture (on a standard PC monitor),
good quality audio.

Thanks for the upload....I enjoyed watching this film just as it is.
Reviewer: Dr Feel Rotten - - January 7, 2011
Subject: Stretch is obvious
I could see it right away in the titles. After years of having fiddled with fonts of all sizes and shapes i could smell the rat right away, but some people have to have the "high tech" version regardless of if it's butchered or not.. Makes me wonder just how many blisters people will someday have with "high tech" shoes or "high tech" toilet paper..Sigh..
Reviewer: RobbieRogers - - January 7, 2011
Subject: Something to consider before downloading...

GULLIVER's original release was in the 4:3 aspect ratio, or nearly square, as is standard-definition television. Most movies produced in the late 1930s were produced in this aspect ratio, which essentially matches that of standard definition TV. Full-frame HD TV is in the wider 16:9.

This release was made "widescreen" by cropping the top and bottom of the image. Thus, less of the original animation art is visible than in any of the standard-definition versions of Fleischer's GILLIVER available online and elsewhere.

The download may technically be "HD", but it eliminates much of the beautiful detail of the art as produced. It's butchered. However, if you prefer HD at all costs without faithfully presenting the source material, this is for you.

Since this is a technical review rather than a review of the film itself, no rating stars are given.


More detail from the web:

But right away, during the opening shipwreck sequence I could tell something was wrong. I pulled out my one-dollar public domain copy to compare — and upon examination here’s what I concluded: #1 The Koch version squeezed the original 1:66 screen ratio to a 1:85 “letterbox” picture. All the picture information is there, but flattened – all the characters are squat, fatter. #2 The Koch restoration removed frames from the animation. The characters move less fluid in the Koch version. This is particularly noticeable in any fast moving action or dancing sequences. Like the Ladd “colorization” shorts, it must have been cheaper to “clean up” less frames, and digitize the movie “on threes” (to keep sync with the soundtrack). #3 The DVNR has softened the picture, particularly blurring the elaborate background paintings.


Let me put it in bold, certain terms: Gulliver’s Travels has been stretched and cropped to fit your 16:9 widescreen display. This is unacceptable under any circumstances. Need proof? Here you go. I took a trip into Photoshop and merged a couple of screen-grabs – one from an old 4:3 public domain copy I downloaded and another from Koch’s 16:9 Blu-ray disc presentation.

In the first image you can clearly see that these two frames don’t line up (I tried to match them by keeping the facial area parallel, having lowered the opacity on the Blu-ray screen-grab to make it slightly see-through). The 16:9 version from Koch has clearly been stretched, despite their claims to the contrary. Note how the faces line up for the most part, but the further you move from them the further from congruent the images become. That stretching has also made the Blu-ray frame slightly more squat. Observe the water line in both images.

This second image sees me distorting the 16:9 of the Blu-ray frame to match the 4:3 of the older release. They line up almost perfectly, with slightly more information on the left side of the screen, less on the right and tons cropped off of the top and bottom of the Blu-ray frame.

Koch claims in their press info that the remaster process was performed,

“…frame-by-frame without stretching characters or losing any image beyond standard vertical safe areas – and the use of proprietary techniques actually enables more picture to be visible on the left and right sides of the frame than ever before”

I cry foul. This is either the press folks completely unaware of what was happening in the lab or an out-and-out untruth. There’s the evidence, staring us in the face in the images above.


"The new disc of Gulliver's Travels blows up, distorts and repositions the original squarish Academy image. It begins with a blowup of the Paramount logo, almost but not quite maintaining a circular shape for the stars around the mountain. A newly-added circle wipe is used to segue to the main titles, which are horizontally distorted to fill the frame.

For most of the rest of the film, the movie is both enlarged and (slightly) horizontally stretched to fill the wider screen shape. The degree of cropping and stretching appears to change from shot to shot. Animated characters' heads now graze the top frame line, while the lower frame line cuts them off at the knees. Marching figures in some shots barely peek over the bottom of the frame. Objects and characters on screen are slightly wider than they should be. "


The bad news is that what was originally a 1.37:1 aspect ratio has been converted to 1.78:1 to accommodate today's widescreen televisions

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